Sandhill Crane Courtship Dance

When you live in central Florida, you have a first row seat to some of the most amazing nature shows. One of my favorites is the highly entertaining mating dance of the sandhill crane, or what I refer to as the “Sandhill Crane Courtship Dance”. The birds often provide their own music (insert loud squawking noises) and the moves include ducking, bowing, jumping, running and some impressive outstretched wing movements. All of their choreography has a fluid, graceful quality that brings to mind Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, and led me to name these two lovebirds, Fred and Ginger. The larger crane, I’m assuming is the male, has a distinct marking on its eye (shown in the last picture in this blog). Since sandhills mate for life, this is a love story worth celebrating.

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The Entertainer Sandhill Crane.jpg

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Sandhill Crane Courtship Dance 16.jpg

Sandhill 15

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Proud Sandhill

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